about routeslipper

To put it briefly, if we had a dollar for each time we wanted to find a new biking route but didn't know where to go, there would be no need to advertise on this site to pay for hosting.

Although creating your own route is simple enough if you are native to an area, it's not quite so simple when you're a recent transplant. Sure, it's easy enough to stop other cyclists or drop by a local shop, but everything becomes much simpler when consolidated in a single location. This is not to say that such sites don't exist: they do, but their scope is generally horiffyingly local. So when you're new to an area, how do you find a good ride?

It is the aim of routeslipper to fix this problem. But, in truth, there is no reason it should stop there. Why assign route-hunting here only to those occasions on which you are in an unfamiliar place? Our goal, very directly, is to create a centralized system of cycling routes, in the hopes of fostering greater community and encouraging people to continue riding their bikes, even after the retirement of Lance1.

This site is designed to thrive on community input. If you have a favorite ride, tell us what it is. If you have a least favorite ride, tell us what it is. If you have any ride at all, tell us what it is. We only stand here as a source of information, but without your help we are informationless.

We wish you the best of rides, may the wind always be at your back, and your tires ever inflated.


the basics

As a cyclist and visitor to this site, you understand the risks of riding a bike. You follow our routes of your own volition and we are in no way responsible for whatever malevolent occurrences may befall you on your ride. routeslipper, as a community site, is only marginally responsible for its content and it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your chosen route before following it; you are by no means bound to the directions herein, so experiment and follow your better judgement over our instructions. Be safe, follow the law, and always wear a helmet.

1: when it happens, again.